Code Development Work Group Moves Into 2021 With A Full Plate

The Code Development Work Group (CDWG), chaired by Neil Sexton, AIA, Compliance and Technical Services Manager, CertainTeed, Saint-Gobain, began the year by prioritizing a multitude of projects that will help the industry continue to use building codes as a foundation point for product performance and acceptance.

Last year, due to normal building code cycles, the group was idle on the I-code front. The I-codes are developed on a three-year cycle and then adopted across the U.S. Although the I-code development process was idle, in other areas of focus, both the National Building Code of Canada and the Florida Building Code were finishing the updates and the CDWG maintained a strong focus of influence in both areas.

During the first week of January, the CDWG submitted four changes to the International Building Code (IBC), including a change that will hopefully finally recognize insulated vinyl siding for commercial applications and remove overly burdensome and somewhat onerous requirements currently in place for polypropylene siding. Hearings for these issues will begin in late April, with final hearings to be held in September. The 2022 cycles will be an even higher priority as the group will focus on additional changes to the IBC relating to installation and soffit and a review and consideration of changes to the International Residential Code and International Energy Conservation Code (energy code).

As far as resources, the CDWG is working closely with VSI’s digital marketing partner, Interrupt, on updates to all code resources and has decided it’s time to refresh the Insulated Siding as Home Insulation Guide (ISHI Guide). The ISHI Guide has not been revised since 2014, and there have been changes to the recent energy code that may provide good regulatory leverage points to encourage more specification of insulated siding to help with compliance with the energy code.

Building Official Outreach Program Continues Momentum

During all of this work, the group continues to provide oversight with our building official outreach program, which conducts almost monthly accredited trainings across the eastern U.S., and will begin to couple this outreach with VSI’s newly launched Texas Key Initiative Work Group by focusing on key areas in that state.

Finally, over the past year, VSI has conducted hurricane analyses and wind testing that has been formed into a presentation that will be provided to influential stakeholders to help create a more comprehensive understanding of wind performance and how critical installation and properly specified materials play a significant role.

The CDWG’s next meeting will take place Thursday, February 4, at 10 a.m.(EST). Please contact VSI’s Matt Dobson at if you want to become a member of this group.