Explore The Benefits

From the roof to the backyard, polymeric products prove you can have it all—building resilience and enduring beauty into the entire exterior, at any price point.

  • Cladding

    Polymeric siding is available in a range of colors, textures and performance options.

  • Trim

    Polymeric trim products are designed to shed water and create aesthetic transitions.

  • Railing

    Lightweight polymeric railing is easy to install and built to stay beautiful for life.

  • Decking

    Durable, stylish polymeric decking resists the elements and refreshes outdoor living.

  • Fencing

    Low-maintenance polymeric fencing enhances privacy and appeal, requiring no staining or painting to look its best.

  • Roofing

    Innovative polymeric roofing offers superior weather resistance in a variety of aesthetics, such as simulated shake or slate shingles.

  • Windows

    Energy-efficient, weather-resilient polymeric windows bring comfort with minimal upkeep.

  • Doors

    Welcome beauty and security with polymeric doors that don't warp or fade over time.

  • Gutters

    Efficient polymeric gutters channel water away with robust and seamless designs that won’t rust, dent or crack.

  • Downspouts

    Polymeric downspouts durably support proper drainage, with complementary aesthetics to other finishes.

Built to Last, Designed to Wow

Polymeric exteriors bring incredible benefits for homes, their occupants and the planet.


Achieve any vision with virtually endless, architecturally authentic choices.


No painting, rotting, warping or insect damage. Relax with worry-free exteriors.


Experience superior durability and performance.


Discover impactful data, proactive programs and innovative practices that make polymeric products the sustainable choice.