Educating Architects, Designers on How Vinyl Really Works

Historically, the architectural community rarely considered polymeric cladding as a material of choice when specifying for traditional or historic neighborhood designs.

Yet, since VSI launched its Architectural Design for Traditional Neighborhoods Program (ADP) last spring, reception has been positive across the board.

ADP serves as VSI’s outreach initiative to encourage the use of New Urbanism concepts and sheds light on the variety, innovation and versatility of all vinyl claddings, trim, cellular PVC and other polymeric architectural products manufactured by VSI members.

The program focuses on educating architects, developers and planners who are interested in smart planning concepts based on New Urbanism, but who also want to gain knowledge about polymeric cladding innovations and how they fit in with traditional neighborhood design.

One major component of the ADP workgroup is to educate architects, town founders, builders and developers on the benefits of architectural polymers. A key initiative has been the distribution of the recently published book Architectural Design for Traditional Neighborhoods and a VSI-designed Materials Array Box.


Architectural Design for Traditional Neighborhoods Book

Commissioned by the VSI and written by a renowned builder and several leading architects from the world of New Urbanism, Architectural Design for Traditional Neighborhoods illustrates the tremendous advantages of using polymeric materials for designing traditional neighborhoods. The book’s authors have leveraged decades of experience in designing and developing neighborhoods, as well as deep roots in the New Urbanism movement, to compile this guide for neighborhood design.

Emphasizing a “less is more” approach to achieving sustainable communities that are also quite beautiful, the book also addresses the production realities of today’s home building industry by demonstrating how innovative materials – especially the growing offering of polymeric products – can be utilized to achieve both sustainability and traditional design objectives.


A Peek Inside: Material Array Box

VSI’s Material Array Box includes a collection of versatile polymeric products available for creating traditional neighborhoods. With this kit, we can now better showcase to architects, designers and planners the versatile options available for creating traditional neighborhoods with polymeric materials.

The box includes real examples that you can “touch and feel,” with a wide spectrum of colors, accessories and trim available from our manufacturing members.

Spreading the Message

There are many other ways the ADP group has been working to broaden its messaging, including:

  • Boosting VSI and VSI member presence at larger targeted industry trade shows in 2020
  • Building a database of key audiences
  • Creating a new web platform for the program
  • Continuous social media pushes
  • Development of six targeted, small local AIA accredited programs and four regionally targeted events


We need help spreading the word! If you want to help VSI educate architects, planners and designers, contact Matt Dobson at or Alex Fernandez at