Exciting News! VSI Unveils New Sustainability Website Page

The VSI team has worked with the Sustainability Committee and our communications partner, Interrupt, to redesign our website's sustainability page.

This project aligns with the Committee’s work plan to emphasize how today’s vinyl siding manufacturers are making steady and conscious progress at every step to lessen the material’s carbon footprint.

The updated section has been refreshed significantly to be more educational, informative and optimized for search engine optimization (SEO) performance by incorporating fresh copy, eye-popping graphics and new images.

Here are some highlights you should check out:

  • Focuses on embodied carbon, global warming and recycling messaging, highlighting VSI’s continued, meaningful progress with members to help address global warming with resilient and sustainable building materials
  • Features industry improvements from previous Life Cycle Inventories
  • Highlights VSI’s three new Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) to build confidence with various key stakeholder groups
  • Has an updated visual look and feel, with more focus on graphic elements, including innovative comparisons showing how vinyl siding compares to other claddings the way environmentally sound cars, like Tesla, compare to other vehicles
  • Includes new EC3 software tool and AIA education available through Hanley Wood University