Have You Visited Our Website Lately?

VSI maintains a steady focus on growing our website’s ranking throughout each year.

In recent months, we have worked with our strategic communications partner, Interrupt, on content optimization with a specific focus on improving ranking for top-tier terms, such as “How to Install” (siding, soffits, overall guides).

We’ve noted that our website has experienced an increase in search queries related to “vinyl siding material worksheet” and “siding estimate worksheet” from which we were able to drive an increased click through rate to our Installation Manual PDF on the site.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – The Results

Despite the search engines going through a major Google algorithm change, VSI recently experienced a 28% increase in impressions and an 18% increase in clicks directly from the search engines.

Other recent key performance highlights include:

  • 71% of all traffic to the VSI website comes through SEO
  • The Installation Manual (soffit installation, getting started and materials and tools) pages are the top three pages driving traffic to the site. All three currently outrank the home page traffic by 3x
  • Organic traffic from mobile users makes up 55% of the site traffic and grew 31% over the last six months

What’s New in October?

Recycling Web Page and Sustainability Updates

Workforce Development Web Page Updates

If you haven’t been to our site recently, please come take a look around! polymericexteriors.fahlgrendigital.com And please pass the link along to your colleagues and customers. Spread the word!