The Vinyl Siding Institute Continues Legislative Efforts in 2021


The Vinyl Siding Institute (VSI) is excited to continue its efforts in 2021 against unfair and unreasonable aesthetic design bans that prohibit many of our members’ products. The issue continues to be a problem nationwide but especially in Indiana and Tennessee.


In Indiana, VSI has joined the Home Builders of Indiana in a new coalition, aptly named “Build Indiana Roots.” We are asking members to join the coalition and support HB 1114. We are fortunate to have a dedicated and knowledgeable sponsor – Indiana State Representative Doug Miller. We are confident that we can make headway and push back the regulations adversely affecting the state.


In Tennessee, we have partnered with the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce and retained a lobbying firm – the Ingram Group – to help pass legislation. With the help of our lobbyist, former House majority leader Gerald McCormick and the Ingram Group’s Marcille Durham, we are cautiously optimistic that the coalition can effectuate change in what is sure to be a unique legislative session.

We Need Your Help!

While Tennessee and Indiana are VSI’s priorities in 2021, we are also watching legislation unfold in Minnesota, Kansas and Iowa. And while we have a track record of success in the past – with favorable legislation passed in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and North Carolina, we can’t succeed without the grassroots help from our members and their local contacts with these states. Much of our success is because VSI members are involved and willing to step up to the plate when asked.

2021 will be no different.

There may be opportunities to testify virtually, provide resources and make your voice heard by writing or calling members of state houses. As usual, VSI team member Alex Fernandez will be in contact when the time comes, so stay tuned.

We will work hard to make 2021 another successful year in this arena and we hope we can continue to count on you!