When it comes to sustainability, vinyl siding outperforms brick and many other claddings in almost all performance measures when analyzed using Building for Environmental and Economic Sustainability (BEES) software, a lifecycle analysis tool developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Yes! As extreme weather events increase, homeowners want to know their home exterior offers the best protection for their home with the least impact on the environment. Vinyl siding is hands down the most sustainable choice, dramatically outperforming other exterior cladding materials with less waste and less impact on climate change.

Vinyl siding is designed to be durable and long lasting (50 years or more). It can be recycled at the end of the lifecycle, but only with your help. As part of the Vinyl Siding Recycling Coalition Pilot Program, you can take concrete steps to help PEPA make it easy to recycle vinyl siding, so everyone can participate in the sustainable lifecycle. Join the Coalition today to help us close the loop on recycling vinyl siding.

Whether you’re a homeowner updating your exterior or a professional remodeler, you can recycle all used, unused, and new vinyl siding from your job at any one of these vinyl siding recycling centers listed here (be sure to check back as the list keeps growing).