There are limitless opportunities waiting for you in the vinyl siding industry and you can get started today. Opportunities abound for young adults, military veterans and those considering a career transition. Explore the immediate openings to benefit from on-site training, great starting pay and potential for growth.

Success on your terms: security, stability, fun, possibility, challenging and accessibility.

PEPA’s Career Pathway to Success Program plays an integral part in the industry, starting with a one-day Installer-Trainee course followed by the preparation that installation technicians receive for the Certified Installer course and exam.

The Career Pathway to Success Program is designed to help aspiring professionals find a clear pathway to a successful career in the construction industry. It also is one of the few legitimate career tracks where you can start making a living wage as an installer-trainee in your first year to earning a six-figure salary as an owner-operator/subcontractor.

Whether you’re an avid DIY’er or a certified industry pro, we have the knowledge you need to install vinyl siding the right way. Check out our complete guide on installation best practices, tips and tricks and installation videos.

If you are looking to hire or grow your workforce–or expand your operations–visit our Official Registry of Installer Trainees, Certified Installers and Certified Installer Instructors. Grow your workforce here.

If you represent an educational institution and want to learn more about incorporating VSI’s Career Pathway to Success Program into your classroom, email us today.