Vinyl Siding Recycling Pilot Program is Growing!

VSI is excited to report that the Vinyl Siding Recycling Pilot Program is evolving and expanding its reach.

Since the program officially launched in September 2021, the Vinyl Siding Recycling Coalition now includes 14 collection sites and 3 recyclers – each ready to set up recycling and collection services. Here is a peek at a map of our current service areas:

As the Coalition’s membership continues to grow, so does the number of recycling centers that accept and recycle vinyl siding.

Here is the latest list of participating collection site locations:

Interested in Becoming a Coalition Member?

Vinyl siding is designed to be recycled, but that can only with your help. As part of the Vinyl Siding Recycling Coalition, you can take concrete steps to help us make it easy to recycle vinyl siding so everyone can participate in the sustainable lifecycle. Here’s a list of our active members:

Join the Coalition today to help us close the loop on recycling vinyl siding!