VSI Advocacy Update

To use a sports metaphor that most will likely understand – the Vinyl Siding Institute’s bill to open markets in Georgia made it to the goal line, but we could not punch in for the touchdown this time.

Fortunately, we did secure a field goal. We got our bill through state senate and house votes, the furthest we’ve ever moved a bill in Georgia. Unfortunately, the clock ran out, and we had to settle for the field goal. In this case, the field goal is a conference committee, in part led by our bill sponsor. This will give our advocacy team the summer to iron out the differences and punch in early in 2024.

What Does This Mean?

Legislation not passing can be a frustrating experience, especially for those who have worked hard to advocate for the proposed law. When legislation fails to pass, it can feel like all the effort and resources invested in the cause have gone to waste. Despite the disappointment, it is essential to remember that the legislative process can be complex and challenging and that progress on key issues often requires persistence and continued advocacy over several legislative sessions. The situation in Georgia is no different.

VSI will continue its efforts in Georgia in 2024. We are exploring various options to get a bill over the finish line next year. Vinyl siding is a popular building material in Georgia for residential and commercial properties due to its affordability, durability and versatility. We will continue to fight so that no community is banned from using these approved building materials.