VSI Advocacy Update: Spotlight on Georgia and Indiana!

As we head into Q4, the legislative machine is already geared up for several fights in 2023. The Vinyl Siding Institute (VSI) will be actively involved in legislative initiatives in eight states.

Our primary goal is to get a bill passed in Georgia and Indiana that prohibits banning construction materials already approved in those states’ building codes.

The housing affordability/workforce crisis has reached critical mass, and the sentiment in Georgia is that the time is right to get this bill through. Alex Fernandez, VSI’s Director of Advocacy, is working closely with the state’s Chamber of Commerce and a local lobbyist to guide this initiative to the finish line.

Our secondary focus will be on Minnesota, Iowa, Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Kansas. We are working with state senators, local HBAs and the Chambers of Commerce in these states to generate interest and create coalitions to take this issue head-on.