Folk Victorian

This style house tends to have square symmetrical shapes and el-shaped projections. Like other Victorian styles, there is usually a prominent front-facing gable, porches with spindlework, brackets under the eaves, and ornate trim.

line drawing of flat, jigsaw trim

Flat, jigsaw-cut trim embellishes many Folk Victorian houses.


Folk Victorian houses often feature clapboard as the dominant exterior cladding (with a choice of 3” to 8” reveals); profiles also used include beaded (with a choice of 6” to 7” reveals), Dutchlap (with a choice of 3” to 5½” reveals), board & batten (with a choice of vertical reveals from 6” to 8”); and shakes (in a variety of sizes and looks — straight edge or staggered from 6” to 10” reveals).


When using standard clapboard as the dominant exterior cladding, gables or accent walls may feature board & batten, shakes, or shapes.


Any color or combination of colors is suitable for the Folk Victorian style. Whatever you choose, vinyl and polypropylene siding come in hundreds of colors certified to withstand fading.

Trim and Accessories

Options suited for Folk Victorian style include crown molding on fascia or friezes; eave brackets; fretwork and bargeboards at gables; simple door or window crowns and lineals; band boards at the foundation or between floors; simple corner blocks and rosettes; spindles and fretwork at porches, and gable vent covers.