VSI Wind Testing Work Group Update

Correct Installation Critical for All Siding and Related Accessories, Especially in High Wind/Coastal Settings

In January 2020, the VSI Technical Committee (TC) formed the Wind Testing Work Group (WTWG) to focus on ASTM D5206 wind load testing of certified products.  The work group then assembled 12 different installation scenarios of both coastal and non-coastal vinyl material, and identified a supplier and test lab to conduct the testing.

Three VSI member company representatives and two VSI staff members traveled to Intertek in York, Pennsylvania, In August 2020, to witness ASTM D5206 wind load testing. The in-person attendees assisted with the installation and set-up of each testing scenario.

The test data was provided by Intertek in a comprehensive test report, and those results were summarized in a synopsis document last fall. Feedback from the work group members post-testing validated that correct installation is critical for all siding and the related accessories but especially in high wind/coastal settings.

The WTWG reconvened in 2021 and has developed 14 different installation scenarios, with a primary focus on testing coastal vinyl material. In addition to standard roofing nail fasteners, this testing will utilize both ring shank nails and staples.

One of the installation setups will pertain to fascia, in an effort to obtain data on wind performance for this material.

Testing is scheduled to occur July 26-28, 2021 at Intertek’s York, Pennsylvania location. Similar to last year, VSI member company representatives and VSI staff members will be on-site to witness the testing and discuss observations as the testing occurs. Once the testing is complete, the work group will present the information to the Technical Committee this fall, and may seek to generate a Technical Report on this topic.