6 Things Successful Business Networkers Know

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by Lisa Dunn

VSI_Vinyl-Siding-Institute_Networking-for-Business-GrowthAh, networking. I’m sure you’ve come across countless articles on the topic, but here’s a quick summary of 6 surefire tips to consider the next time you head to that local home builders event, meeting with your local planning office or any other networking forum.

  1. Studies show that you have seven seconds to make your first impression. Be open and confident.
  2. Your welcoming handshake should be firm, warm, and authoritative. Consider practicing with a friend.
  3. Remember the last time someone’s opener was “Hi, what do you do?”. Seriously, how many times have you heard that? Stand out by having a few intriguing conversation openers in your back pocket.
  4. Have your mindset set to the “giver” mentality: Think of how you can help other people, not how they can help you. This might seem counter intuitive at first but practicing this mentality will help you achieve an authentic and confident spirit, as opposed to needy and desperate.
  5. Be mindful about “working the room”: Focus on making quality, solid connections rather than collecting as many business cards as possible.
  6. Make it a professional goal to consistently schedule face-to-face meetings with appropriate industry leaders. This helps you practice networking skills and you’ll only get better at it! Consider joining and regularly attending your local home builders association’s scheduled meetings.

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