Effective Observations – Making the Most of Job Site Visits

by Coach Rob Balfanz

We are deep into the post-season and heading into the 2021 season close. Now, more than ever, you must know what is happening on and off the field with your team. In this post, I will focus on the importance of effective observations and making the most out of your 4th-quarter job site visits.

I have always thought that valued people will do remarkable things. That said, as you make your rounds, make them meaningful, memorable and impactful.

“Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after an experience with you becomes your trademark.” – Jay Danzie

Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you make your way out to job sites:


  • Let your team know that you will be arriving in advance. Give them a heads up, they will appreciate it, and in the end, so will you.
  • Ask your team if there is anything they need that you can bring to your site visit. If not, improvise and bring something that will solicit a smile.
  • Allow enough time at each location so you are not rushed, and you can take the time you need. Do not overschedule these visits, these visits are for your team more than they are for you.
  • Each job site will be different, and each will have different personnel. Be prepared in advance for the project(s) and the people.
  • Know their names in advance and address them as such. If you know the names of their families, bonus!


  • Be sure to bring and wear the required PPE with you, it is important to set the example.
  • Ask questions such as how long have you been with us now? If they are new, ask them if they can tell you a little bit about their role? Ask about their families and use their names any chance you get.
  • Ask questions like how can we help you? How can we make your job easier? The goal: to listen for things that are not easy to hear and see things that are not so easy to see.
  • Make notes and identify the nuggets you want to take away. Are they using the correct tools of the trade?
  • Listen! Be respectful and understand that everyone is different.
  • If you see trash, pick it up. If you see something out of place, put it away.
  • Congratulate, point out work that is well done and say thank you.


  • If you hear something interesting, take the time to check it out.
  • If someone tells you something that you didn’t know, check on it and ask questions about it.
  • If you see something that you are unsure of, ask the expert to explain it to you.
  • Make observations and identify areas of improvement. Follow up on this at a later date/time.


  • Do what you said you were going to do.
  • Follow up.
  • If someone asks you a question that you can’t answer, always get back to them.
  • Provide feedback to your leadership team.
  • Use the information to improve your team and your organization.
  • Don’t leave without offering a handshake, knuckle bump or a touchless form of appreciation for all that they do.

Always say thank you!

“No duty is more urgent, than that of returning thanks.” – James Allen

It STILL is and WILL Always Be About the Details

The 4th Quarter is challenging in a lot of ways. When we engage our people, let’s not forget about Coach Rob’s 4 D’s of Construction: Desirable, Dependable, Dynamic and Disciplined. Our industry will succeed because of the people we get to work with each day. Remind them just how essential they are and how much we value them.

As I have noted in previous posts, in life and business, it’s the little things that usually add up to be the big things.

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Until then,

Be Resilient – Add Value – Stay Healthy – Deliver the Experience - Trust the Process!

To your success,

“Coach” Rob Balfanz, Director, Workforce Development, VSI