Revinylize™ Recycling Collaborative Launch Set for January 2024

by Don Browne

Vinyl Siding Institute (VSI) to Roll Out National Program for Rigid Vinyl Material Recycling

The Vinyl Siding Institute (VSI) is gearing up to launch the Revinylize Recycling Collaborative, a recycling initiative that includes dedicated recyclers, collection sites (i.e. distributors and landfills) and many other advocates. Their vision is to make recycling post-consumer rigid vinyl material as easy as possible. And the goal, which aligns with the Vinyl Institute’s (VI) Vinyl Sustainability Council post-consumer recycling goals, is to recycle 5 million pounds of post-consumer rigid vinyl by the end of 2025.

From there, the sky’s the limit!

Utilizing metrics, lessons learned and best practices developed from VSI’s Vinyl Siding Recycling Coalition (whose pilot program in Northeast Ohio recycled 84,000+ pounds of aftermarket residential vinyl siding in 2022), Revinylize Recycling Collaborative is the highly-evolved, next-generation version that can be adapted as a nationwide solution for other metropolitan areas and regions around the country to divert millions of pounds of rigid vinyl from the landfill and back into factories to make new rigid construction building materials, including siding.

GreenCircle Certified

The Revinylize Recycling Collaborative is being developed in partnership with GreenCircle Certified, a third-party certifying body that will verify recyclers’ ability to collect post-consumer material and validate amounts collected through the collaborative. GreenCircle Certified is also part of Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly Program. In addition to their rigid certification process, GreenCircle Certified is a powerful resource to help brands and organizations connect with a growing market that favors sustainable buying options.

“We have a pretty compelling story to tell,” said Matt Dobson, VSI’s Vice President. “So far this year (2023), our Ohio pilot has facilitated a staggering projected growth rate 200%-300% from 2022. Adding GreenCircle Certified to the program as it becomes a national initiative amplifies the enormous potential for growth for the Revinylize brand in new markets.”

A Big Hand from the VI in Moving a Successful Model Forward

Revinylize is being made possible this year thanks to a generous grant from VSI’s partners at the VI. Their VIABILITY™ Recycling Grant Program selected VSI’s Vinyl Siding Recycling Coalition (along with five other recycling nonprofits) to help fund the developing Revinylize brand and initiative.

"The Vinyl Institute’s recycling grant will make it possible for us to accelerate the program’s launch,” Dobson said. “This launch will include all rigid vinyl products, including PVC piping, decks, railings and windows among other products made from vinyl. We have recently discussed forming a strategic partnership with the Uni-Bell PVC Pipe Association to help us maximize recycling opportunities for Revinylize and are in touch with other related trade associations." 

Having a strong partnership with VSI, the VI also recognized VSI’s steadfast support for Revinylize, including committee charter recognition for the program by the VSI Board of Directors.

Recycled with Your Help

The official Revinylize launch is set for January 2024, with a soft launch of the IT platform this November. VSI wants to spread the word now to recycling facilities and other trade associations and those willing to contribute financially to the program’s success.

“The tagline for Revinylize is ‘Recycled with Your Help,’ so we want to emphasize that our success relies on support and participation from the rigid vinyl sector along with all stakeholders in the value chain,” Kate Offringa, President & CEO, VSI, explained. “We have support from everyone in the Ohio pilot, including top recyclers like JPI and Return Polymers. Their partnership will help us establish successful programs in other markets where vinyl siding has had a significant presence on homes for 50 years or more.”

Research from Sustainable Solutions Corporation shows that incorporating 10% recycled content reduces the life cycle carbon emissions of vinyl siding by 5%. For an average house, using vinyl siding with recycled content reduces its carbon footprint by 47.5 kilograms of CO2 equivalent. That equals driving 118 miles, burning 53 pounds of coal, or charging 5,777 smartphones.

With these metrics in mind, imagine the enormous traction that Revinylize could accomplish… with your help!

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