This Secret Will Help Fast Track Your Business Development

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by Fernando Pages Ruiz

With more than 30 years in home building and remodeling, I have the occasion to advise new builders on how to fast track their business development. One of the first things I tell them is to join their local chapter of the National Home Builders Association. The home building and remodeling business is unlike any other, because the product sold is assembled on site. By definition, home builders and remodelers work within the community. To succeed in such a local endeavor, builders must be well connected locally. Local home builders associations provides their members an established network of colleagues that can provide two ingredients for success: information and opportunities.

For subcontractors and material suppliers, this nationally and locally connected network that the Home Builders Association provides has an added advantage: the opportunity to present products and services to the successful builders in the community – the builders that set the community standards for quality construction and integrity, the builders that pay their bills, and the builders that you want your products and services associated with.

I have met and developed relationships with my best subcontractors and material suppliers through local Home Builders chapters. Those vendors that join the organization stand out, they show commitment to the industry and respect for the client. The Home Builders organization gives subs and suppliers the chance to present their goods to an attentive and interested group of potential customers. The kind of successful customers that bring repeat business and long-term relationships. If you asked me advice on how to develop your client base as a vinyl siding subcontractor or supplier, I’d give you the same advice I’ve given many young builders: Join the local chapter of National Association of Home Builders and then show up at meetings and participate. Your success is virtually assured.

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