Supercharge Your Sales by Focusing on This 1 Important Thing

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by Lisa Dunn

With so many options for siding available on the market, what sets YOU apart from everyone else? And how can you capture your customer’s attention? According to Mark Mitchell from, spend some time creating a VISION.

Broaden your focus to include competing interests on where people are choosing to spend their money. You’re not just competing with other siding companies, you’re competing with new cars, vacations, and interior home improvement projects. By creating a compelling vision on why choosing to upgrade siding will provide a more fulfilling experience than something else, you plant a seed in the mind of the buyer that YOUR product is the best way to experience that fulfillment.

Mitchell recommends following this 3-point list:

  1. Work through your dealers and contractors
  2. Give them sales and marketing programs where you feature the idea of the project, over your brand
  3. Help them find new methods, such as social media, to reach homeowners

Source: The Real Competition in Home Improvement

The good news is that Americans ARE spending more on home improvement projects. Make sure you get in on the momentum and rethink how you approach sales. Happy competing!

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