Training Platform Gives Installers a One-Stop Shop for Support

by Don Browne

VSI’s Training Platform Gives Vinyl Siding Installers a One-Stop Shop for Career Development & Operational Success

Imagine an online learning management system that follows you everywhere in your homebuilding career. It is designed to allow you to take classes, store your certifications and even remind you when they are up for renewal, among other features and benefits. This is what the new Vinyl Siding Institute (VSI) Training Platform provides for those serious about advancing their careers in the industry.

“I wanted to design a platform that allows you to do your training on your cell phone from the second floor of a construction site … in the rain, if necessary,” said Rob Balfanz, VSI’s Senior Director of Workforce Development. “We’ve spent the last couple of years helping people in the trades visualize what a rewarding and lucrative career in vinyl siding could look like. We want to support this vision with a learning management system that can help our installers in training maximize opportunities for success – even on the job. This is what VSI means by ‘no limits.’”

Train Today, Start Tomorrow

The new platform is incredibly user-friendly. To start your dashboard, visit the INSTALLER TRAINEE PROGRAM on

This is your entry to the VSI E-learning module, beginning with a free Installer Trainee course. This course, along with the rest of the modules, combines user-friendly instructions with short videos demonstrating proper installation and the latest methods for best results on every scenario, including horizontal, vertical and insulated siding and installation near windows, corners and soffits. The training session ends with a brief quiz – and once you pass, your printable certificate of achievement becomes available on your dashboard.

I’m old enough to remember when you had to wait for your certificates to come in the mail before you could start a job. Now, you don’t have to wait; you can even download your certifications from your smartphone. 

The Portal to VSI-Certification

As a VSI Installer Trainee, you can move on to the VSI-Certified Vinyl Siding Installer Training Program. (NOTE: Candidates must have at least one year of industry experience prior to certification).  You can enroll for these courses from the platform, which serves as a private portal for your dashboard and training activities. The courses are offered online, virtual or in-person; no matter how you train, your certifications are available on your dashboard. The training platform provides the career-building tools and mastery knowledge of the standards required to become a top installer in your market.

Your success and certifications are then stored in your dashboard on the platform, automatically giving you a listing in the VSI-Certified Installer database, which can increase your exposure and give you more project leads.

The complete training platform is currently available in English, Spanish and French, and the VSI team is working on other translations based on popular demand. Additionally, discount promo code functionality is in place for homebuilders, contractors and other industry groups looking to certify employees and teams.

“We are working with different companies on group training, and I’m excited about the collaborative opportunities when you have multiple people training together,” Balfanz said. “Watching videos together, asking questions and sharing ideas during breaks, lunches and work lulls – this is value-added time that can result in serious, more passionate professionals.”

For assistance or questions about the VSI Training Platform, contact the program administrator at