NEW RESOURCE: On Your Side Advocacy Toolkit

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by Lisa Dunn

VSI - Vinyl Siding Institute - Advocacy Kit

Imagine this scenario: You hear through the grapevine that the county or city in which you do business is talking about limiting the use of vinyl siding. You know you need to protect your business, but where do you start?

Local planning processes and governmental activity can feel intimidating and overwhelming but they don’t have to if you have the right tools.

To help take away the guesswork, we at the Vinyl Siding Institute have developed the On Your Side Advocacy Toolkit. It’s a concise and practical guide with clear steps and support materials that help you to take a stand and prevent regulation that can hurt your business.

Take a look and keep in touch with us at We’re here to support you in advocating for design without limits when it comes to the siding and aesthetics of homes.

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