ICYMI: Helpful Resources Shared at Our Annual Spring Meeting in Charleston

Over the past year, the Vinyl Siding Institute (VSI) created, updated and compiled a wealth of educational web pages and guides that serve as an information resource to remodelers, builders, planners, designers, architects, elected officials, building code officials, distributors, homeowners and other exterior cladding decision-makers on the facts about vinyl siding.

We shared many of these helpful tools (digital and print) with VSI members who attended our Annual Spring Meeting last week in Charleston, SC. Below we highlight some of these resources – we hope you and your sales teams find them valuable! Feel free to share them with your networks and colleagues!


Advocacy Kit. Our updated Advocacy Kit makes it easy for members and partners to get involved. Take a stand to protect vinyl and help ensure that local and state governments make informed decisions on building materials. Read More.

Digital Map. We added a colorful, digital map on our website that highlights where in the U.S. bills have been passed and where bills are in progress.  See Map.

FAQS. We created a new FAQS section on our website that can be used to share with local government officials, such as planning commissions, zoning boards, Home Builders Associations (HBAs) and other audiences. Read FAQS.


Updated Recycling Infographics & Tips. Our Sustainability and Recycling pages on our website have been updated. There are sections that detail how to recycle vinyl siding and where. There is also useful information about how much vinyl is recycled overall in the U.S. See Recycling Updates.

Workforce Development

Multilingual Resources. We completed creation of the French Vinyl Siding Installation Manual, which now joins two other French resources: VSI Installation Quick Tips and VSI Installer Trainee Online Curriculum. These expand our current library of bilingual resources, including Spanish guides and training materials. Check Out Multilingual Resources.

Architectural Design Program

Architectural Polymers: Best Practices For Architectural Specification. A detailed resource guide for understanding best practices for design and installation of architectural polymers. Read More.

Building Codes

Reference Guide. Our newly revised “Polymeric Cladding Building Code Reference Guide” serves as an at-a-glance breakdown of the International, Florida and Canadian building codes, performance indicators and regional installation requirements for vinyl, polypropylene and insulated exterior cladding products. In it, you’ll find information about I-Code regulations and building codes for Canada and Florida’s coastal regions, safety and performance benefits, installation requirements and other technical specifications. Get Guide.

Technical Reports

Polymeric Cladding and Wind Performance 2020. In 2020, VSI conducted a series of field analyses after hurricanes Isaias and Laura and also conducted further laboratory research on wind performance. This is a synopsis of this work that we completed in 2021. Read More.

2021 Polymeric Cladding Building Code Reference Guide. Our updated, at-a-glance guide to the International, Florida and Canadian building codes governing the use of vinyl, polypropylene and insulated exterior cladding products. Read More.

Vapor Management and the Benefits of Vented Claddings. Awareness of water vapor management’s importance and the cost-effective solutions for exterior cladding provided by vinyl siding, polypropylene siding and insulated vinyl siding offers manufacturers the opportunity to contribute to the built environment resilience and durability. Read More.