New ‘Architectural Polymers: Best Practices for Architectural Specifications’ Resource Now Available!


The Vinyl Siding Institute is excited to announce the official launch of its latest educational resource, “Architectural Polymers: Best Practices for Architectural Specifications.” The new guide complements the book Architectural Design for Traditional Neighborhoods, published in 2019, by providing computer-aided designed images that builders, planners and architects can directly use in their daily practice.

The goal of the new interactive guide is to put the power of good design details and recommended installation practices within easy reach for designers. The material options featured in the guide allow architects full control of the design’s aesthetic outcome with polymeric sidings, trim and ornamentation, respecting the architectural style, target market and project budget.

Published by VSI, the new guide is written by Fernando Pages Ruiz, with architectural drawings provided by Dana Johnson. The book design was created by Aly Burkhalter and Pel-Ona Architects & Urbanists.

The specifications refer to traditional architectural features in the language of art. Additionally, the resource provides necessary installation details drawn from the VSI Installation Manual so that design professionals can specify best practices in the craft.

The Future Is Bright!

VSI looks forward to taking this educational resource to new audiences in 2022. Our focus will be to engage developers, builders and select universities with the goal of putting this powerful new tool in their hands.