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Use these resources to help you market yourself as a VSI Certified Installer and get more vinyl siding installation jobs.

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Customizable Marketing Materials
Customizable Certified Installer Brochure
Customizable Workforce Ladder to Success
Editable PDF Instructions

Your Home Deserves the Best: Use a Certified Vinyl Siding Installer - Updated!
To place a bulk order for additional copies, email VSIsupport@polymericexteriors.fahlgrendigital.com.

Certified Vinyl Siding -- Quality and Color You Can Count on
Side-by-Side: The Truth About Vinyl Siding and Brick
Siding With Energy Efficiency
Siding with Low Maintenance
Siding with the Environment
Siding with Design
Siding with History
Siding with Neighborhoods
Siding with Safety
Siding with Codes
Siding with Vinyl
A Dozen Things You Might Not Know That Make Vinyl Siding Green

Why Vinyl Siding (PDF)
Vinyl Siding — Beauty With No Strings Attached (PDF)
Vinyl Siding — Better for Business (PDF)
Productivity — Engineered for Easy Installation (JPEG)
Productivity — Double Your Business Opportunity (JPEG)
Proven to Perform (JPEG)
Total Installed Cost (JPEG)
Vinyl Siding Performs to the Core (JPEG)
Maintenance — The Carefree Choice (JPEG)
Colors — Engineered and Proven to Last (JPEG)

Do you need installation tips?
Vinyl Siding Installation Manual (PDF)
(Order additional copies of Vinyl Siding Installation Manual here)
Manual de Instalación de Revestimiento Vinílico
Manuel d ’installation du revêtement de vinyle
Vinyl Siding Installation Quick Tips - Updated!

Installation Videos
Vinyl Installation Video - English
Vinyl Installation Video - Spanish

Certified Installer Program Forms and Instructional Materials
Logo Usage Instructions

Why side with vinyl?
Do you want to see how your home can look with vinyl siding? Designing Style will show you.
How can you show the colors, profiles, trim and accessories your customers will love? The Photo Gallery does it.
Do you know why vinyl siding is green?
Do you know most building codes require certified siding?

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